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Keeping Wickets in Germany

Wes has an interview up with the German wicketkeeper, Satya Srinivas. Yes, they have cricket in Germany, shut up, and listen:

The German captain Asif Khan described in an interview how difficult it is to always take a week off from work in order to travel to the international tournaments, how do you personally tackle this problem, is your boss cooperative?

I cannot obviously involve my boss in all this. I am allowed a certain number of holidays in a calendar year and I need to accommodate the cricket tournaments for Germany in this schedule. The people at my company are really appreciative of the fact that I represent a national team. But my first responsibility is obviously towards my job.

But there are people in our team who work as taxi-drivers or work in restaurants, who basically take time off without getting paid during such kind of cricket tournaments for Germany. Everyone basically plays for the passion of the game.

It’s quite an interview. I love this game.

Politics and Cricket: Like Peanut Butter and Chocolate

Andy Bull goes there:

The English players once blanched at being made to shake hands with Robert Mugabe. This Saturday they will be expected to play against a man [Jayasuriya] who is a direct representative of a government accused of war crimes on a horrific scale by the United Nations. The politics of the matter is not outside the ground or behind a metal fence any more. It is right there in the middle of the pitch and it cannot be ignored.

Ouch. As Jarrod Kimber said last week:

No one can bring politics into cricket, they’re already here.

Of course, this guilty-by-association-with-perpetrators-of-alleged-past-crimes logic would leave a lot of people and a lot of countries out of sport. I’m not saying we should ignore it, but just that beware of the standards you set for others. You may not like it when they’re applied uniformly.