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Who am I?

As a kid growing up in Chicago, my first experience with cricket was when my father and his friends would get together to play on Sundays. There would be elaborate suiting-up and a little play, and then we’d all go out for Indian food.

That was before Gavaskar came to town. The first cricket match I ever saw was an exhibition match between the visiting Indian team and a local team outside Chicago in the early ’80s. My father instilled in me a sense of awe about Gavaskar. And then we got to meet him. Within 24 hours I had gone from never hearing his name to having discovered a new hero.

Me "playing" cricket

Me “playing” cricket

And then my family moved to India. And cricket became my first love. This was the era of Gavaskar’s wide-brimmed hat, Vengsarkar at Lords, mustache-chewing Kris, and India coming off a World Cup winning high.

Yes, but that doesn’t tell me if I’ll like your blog

Ok. Read what I’ve written.

Here are the posts I am most proud of:

Here are my cricket quirks:

  • Cricket was my first mathematics teacher: keeping a running count of the required run-rate was enough to get me through about 8th grade.
  • Which brings me to statistics. I love cricket statistics.
  • I read old scorecards and player statistics as if they were great works of fiction. I love how a scorecard tells a story, how I can picture what happened. There’s no footage of Kapil at Tunbridge Wells, but anyone who has seen that scorecard can see that innings in their mind’s eye.

What will I blog about?

My hope is to provide context on players, teams and quirks of history through statistics and historical perspective. I’m not an expert player or analyst. What I am is tenacious.