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Crazy Day on the Blog

Terribly crazy day on the blog.

  1. For the third day running, the Willow TV legal story is huge. To give you an idea, that one article has received 10% of all traffic this blog has ever received.
  2. I Twitter-conversed with GigaOm reporter Janko Roettgers about the Willow story, and he wrote a story about it linking to this blog. Thank you.
  3. And finally, the UK editor of ESPN Cricinfo responded in the comments on my recent blog post on my disappointment with how they reported a story about spot-fixing. (our conversation in the comments here)

Crazy, I tell you.

An Example of My Ongoing Disappointment with ESPN Cricinfo

The Mervyn Westfield spot-fixing case broke wide open today, and ESPN Cricinfo, like many others, were on the story. In a news article that was not written by any particular author, bylined to the omnipresent “ESPNCricinfo Staff”, they snuck in this line:

The match was televised live and available in India, the centre of cricket’s illegal gambling industry.

What the what?

  1. How is this relevant to the Westfield case, other than insinuation of guilt of an entire nation?
  2. If you know something about the case that links it to India, state the link. Don’t play games.
  3. Since it’s written by the nameless, faceless ESPNCricinfo Staff, there is no writer to call out. So the entire ESPNCricinfo establishment is at fault.

Later, they revised the line to read:

The match was televised live and was available in many parts of the world, so making it an appealing target for cricket’s illegal gambling industry.

And by “they revised” it, I mean the entire ESPNCricinfo Staff. Because they all wrote it, right?

UPDATE: ESPN Cricinfo UK Editor David Hopps responds in the comments.

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