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For sixteen years, Tendulkar could afford to be Tendulkar, Ganguly could afford to be Ganguly, Sehwag could afford to be Sehwag and Dhoni could afford to be Dhoni, because Dravid was always Dravid.

Ganguly and Dravid making their debut at Lord’s will long be remembered as a Test match that changed cricket for the better.

Rahul Dravid, take a break. Then come back, and we’ll talk. There’s a lot of work to be done in Indian cricket.

Dravid at Eden Gardens, 2001

Dravid at Eden Gardens, 2001: the match that changed what was possible.

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DNS Error Leaves ESPNCricinfo Pummeled and Pwned

There is a very 21st century term to describe what happened to Cricinfo yesterday. To use the jargon of the internet age, they were “pwned” – statistically, athletically, temperamentally, and comprehensively, as a DNS error chose the occasion of pwnage to subject their victims to one of the most resounding marmalisations in Internet history.

You remember this headline?

Some of us won’t forget it soon.