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1989: The Year of Tendulkar in Pictures

Some facts, to help you gain an appreciation for just how long Tendulkar has been at this (see also: India Since Tendulkar):

Fall of the Berlin Wall

Fall of the Berlin Wall, years before Dravid's debut

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In Which We Visualize the Awesomeness of Dravid (and Tendulkar) in a Single Chart

Dravid played a Dravid-esque inning yesterday, and in his honor, I present a single chart to show you his awesomeness.

And Sachin Tendulkar’s even more awesomeness.

# of Centuries in Test Cricket

In which we demonstrate the awesomeness of Dravid, but mostly Tendulkar, in a single chart

The Post-Tendulkar Era

UPDATE: As CricSis blogger Shridhar Jaju pointed out in the comments, Jaidev Unadkat beat Abhinav Mukund to this distinction.

A new era has begun. Abhinav Mukund will open the batting today against West Indies.

Why is Abhinav Mukund special? He is the first Indian Test player to have been born after Sachin Tendulkar made his debut. There will be many more, but he is the first.

Abhinav Mukund

Abhinav Mukund, born January 6, 1990. 52 days after Sachin Tendulkar's debut

The Sachin Tendulkar Era: Part I

One Hundred and Thirty Nine cricketers have represented India in One Day Internationals since Sachin Tendulkar made his debut against Pakistan in November 1989.

This is their story.

The Sachin Era- Part I

The Sachin Era- Part I

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Acknowledgements: Created with the help of Cricinfo Statsguru, Wordle, MS Excel, custom Python scripts and Acorn.