All the King’s Men

by Devanshu Mehta

Imran Khan, on the the Pakistani musical chairs:

Mr. Khan said Pakistan cricket’s biggest mistake was changing the captains too often. “Tell me in which country is the (PCB) chairman or captain changed if a team loses. We make this mistake all the time, but we need to improve our system. Since I retired so many captains have been changed. It has served no purpose,” he said.

But former Test captains Aamir Sohail and Javed Miandad, who were also on the show, reminded Mr. Khan that in Pakistan the cricket system was different. “In no country was the board chairman nominated by the President nor did he enjoy the sweeping powers he enjoyed in Pakistan which led to unilateral decisions and problems in the team,” they said.

via The Hindu : Sport News : End ad-hocism, govt interference in cricket: Imran. (h/t Mitul)