Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Worse

by Devanshu Mehta

When associates play each other, it can either produce Ireland v. Bangladesh style hard-fought matches.

Or it can produce a comedy of errors, where each races to the bottom.

When Kenya faced Canada earlier this week, Gunasekara and Ouma found themselves in such a race. Here’s the text from Cricinfo’s live commentary, when Gunasekara got out to a wide ball:

This is Bizarroworld. Ruvindu might be out stumped. Shambles from Ruvindu. Shambles from Ouma. Shambles all round. Stupidity, says Ian Chappell. It slips down the leg side. Ruvindu misses the flick. And looks back. He can’t see the ball. He thinks it has trickled away to fine leg. Ouma, cunningly, hid the ball in his left glove. Once Ruvindu strayed out of the crease, Ouma looked to flick the bails off. And missed! He then flicked again. This time he hits the stumps. Ruvindu is still not in! Haven’t seen something so bizarre from a batsmen since Inzamam tumbled onto his stumps, attempting to sweep Panesar.


Gunasekara v. Ouma

Gunasekara v. Ouma