Who Looks Out for Indian Cricket

by Devanshu Mehta

Ultimately a lot of this boils down to conflict of interest, which is what Sharda Ugra was referring to in my last post. Who is looking out for the interest of “Indian cricket”?. Here’s Kartikeya at A Cricketing View:

If it is Leipus’s job to make sure that KKR players are able to play for KKR for the 6 or 7 weeks that the IPL is on, and forget about what happens during the other 45 weeks in the year, then he’s doing it well. KKR have insisted that Gambhir was “fit” to play their final game on May 25. But if his job is to be Gautam Gambhir’s doctor, then he’s done it poorly – Gambhir’s likely to miss a number of games because of an injury which worsened under Leipus’s care. These are two very different job descriptions, and it is up to you to decide which one you choose.

I’m not trying to fault the IPL or BCCI. Not entirely. But someone with authority has to look further than a couple of months, clear-headed, with only the good of Indian cricket at heart. There doesn’t seem to be anyone with the financial incentive and authority to do so. A player’s association would serve as counter-balance, but it may not be enough.