The Sports Illustrated Fizzle

by Devanshu Mehta

On 6th May, 2011, the story broke: Sports Illustrated India had a big match-fixing cover story. More than a month later, turns out what they had was either circumstantial, hearsay or just plain bunk.

Here’s their silly central conceit, in awesome pictorial form:

Sports Illustrated Plays Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, Loses

Go on, and read the rest of the article. Actually, don’t. It is a terrible piece of journalism, as evidenced by the picture above. They either had no story, or had no one to back up the story they had. Either way, the story they ran with was this.

Bad people have been seen with other people who have been heard talking to these other people who may represent cricket players. Or not.

Also, what kind of magazine has no web site? For a brand like Sports Illustrated, with a story as “big” as the one they broke last month, to not have a web site is criminal. I could go on a rant like my epic Willow TV one, but I just don’t care about SI the way I care about Willow. So someone else will have to fight that battle.

I’ll just say that they need to hire a web developer. And real journalists.