Imagine the Worst Possible International Cricket Board– USACA is Worse

by Devanshu Mehta

Oh my God. Just read through Peter Della Penna’s interview with former USA cricket manager Imran Khan. There’s just so much worth quoting. Like the fact that Khan has $250 belonging to USACA, but no one will even tell him how to return it. And how the apathetic association won’t meet with major potential sponsors like Yahoo and Cisco. But these three excerpts are especially heart-breaking, jaw-dropping:

I always write a very extensive tour report, extremely detailed tour report. It covers everything from the initial practice sessions, selection, all the way up to team management, kits, resources, travel itinerary, to how individual players how I rated them in accordance to their behavior – off the field stuff because Lamby deals with on field stuff – so it’s very extensive. [..] The only response I’ve ever had is, ‘Your reports are too long. Nobody reads them.’

On how New Zealand bowler Dipak Patel was left high and dry:

Well [Dipak Patel] was promised the earth and some more. He was promised, in my presence, he was promised the main coaching job in the US, responsible for its development. [..] Dipak was even talking about moving his family to the US and how he would convey that to his family and how his wife and kids would react to that. [..] So it got down to quite a level and then once the tour ended, it finished. So that whole thing was baloney. It was BS.

And on the parochialism:

There should be a certain amount of etiquette and diligence in the way you deal with the situation but these guys don’t have that because they have that back home mentality, that tribal third-class mentality. They bring it over and they’ve been doing it for God knows how long and I don’t think it’s going to stop them today.

Bleddy USACA. And this is just part 1 of the interview.