Miandad Myths

by Devanshu Mehta

As a connoisseur of Miandad mythology, this almost-myth about Miandad by Steven Lynch really caught my attention. Does Miandad hold the record for most innings without being dismissed lbw?

It would be a record… if it were true. But Javed Miandad was actually out lbw 33 times in Tests (from 189 innings, not 288). The other urban myth is that he was never given out lbw in Pakistan – but that’s not true either, as he was dispatched leg-before on eight occasions in home Tests, although admittedly it was quite a long time before the first one. He’d been playing Tests for more than nine years before he was lbw at home, to Ravi Ratnayeke of Sri Lanka in Sialkot in 1985-86.