On Sad Stats

by Devanshu Mehta

I promise this blog will not turn in to a series of links to The SightScreen. But since that site is an infant, it needs some nurturing and care. This blog is an awkward teenager, which disappears in his room for days, but occasionally surfaces with deep insights in to the merits of Eve Online over Warcraft. Is that information going to help you get a job, we ask him. And he slams his door again.

Over at baby SightScreen, I’ve written about the saddest statistics in Test cricket. Here’s a blurb:

Earlier this month, Shivnarine Chanderpaul earned the dubious distinction of having lost the highest number of Test matches in history (64), beating his former team-mate Brian Lara’s record of 63.

To mark this occasion, we bring you the list of other similar sad statistics that the champions of the game have had to bear.

Go read. Then come back, ’cause this teenager used to be your baby too, once upon a time.