by Devanshu Mehta

438 is just a number. So is 400*. And 99.94.

As is 219.

The running meme is that Tendulkar is God, and he’s made as good a case as any for divinity. In my book, however, he’s more the chosen one than an actual God.

Sehwag, on the other hand. I could make a case for Sehwag.

But I won’t. Sehwag is no God.

No. Sehwag is a prophet. Sehwag is a way of life.

I wanted to show you the scale of this record. What 219 means. It took 26 years to go from Viv Richards’ 189 to Sachin Tendulkar’s 200. Gradual– 11 runs over 26 years. A year later, Sehwag blew the record out of the water by 19 runs. Tendulkar’s 200 was like breaking the four minute mile. Once others believed it could be done, they smashed past it.

Take a look:

Highest Individual ODI Scores Over the Years

Highest Individual ODI Scores Over the Years