Pointless Statistics

by Devanshu Mehta

Pointless statistics. I’m guilty of them too. Here’s how they break down, courtesy of a tweet from (the truly awesome, sorry to pick on him on this one occasion) Mohandas Menon:

Nathan Lyon (5/68) – the only 2nd Aussie off-spinner after Ian Johnson (7/44 at Georgetown Apr 1955) to take a 5-wkt haul in the Caribbean

AWESOME RECORD 5-wicket haul!

Or is it?

About 50% of the words in that sentence are caveats.

  • Caveat #1: the 2nd
  • Caveat #2: Aussie
  • Caveat #3: off-spinner
  • Caveat #4: in the Caribbean

Like being the tallest midget, who also happens to be the fattest thin man in the world.