The Essence of Blogging

by Devanshu Mehta

King Cricket, the greatest blog in the known universe, gets down to the essence of blogging:

There are so many things by which to be irritated in life, but sometimes it’s important to really latch onto the least consequential and least logical of those in order to distinguish yourself from everyone else.

If you want a reason why I’ve blogged less here, and more on The Teesra, this may be it.

For a while, a lot of blog posts here were irritations and reactions. That latest tedious article by Sharda Ugra doesn’t seem as insidious after a two-day pause. Often I read some of my earlier blog posts– and many blog posts by other people– I appreciate the craft, I appreciate the logic, but I can’t recall what got us so riled up.

That’s not to say that there aren’t things worth a blogger’s anger in the world of cricket– the sport is full of soft corruption that spoils the fan’s relation with the players, and a player’s relation with the game. And I intend to write about all of that. But only after careful consideration.