Los Angeles Gangs Take Up Cricket

by Devanshu Mehta

The Sun has a story so ridiculous it sounds like it came out of The Onion. A British film producer and a charity worker set up the team, teaching cricket to gang members in Los Angeles as a force of good (its “civilising quality”). Every sentence in the article is jaw-dropping. You can’t make this stuff up:

Two of the original Compton Cricket Club – also known as The Homies and The Popz – have died. But that is a decent survival rate for around here.

And, since the stereotype would not be complete without hip-hop–

Isaac and Theo play in the team – and also make up a hip-hop duo who rap about the sport. The lyrics include:

The respect of cricket etiquette is how we’re hanging.

Stick it out for the long haul, Make a phone call To the President It’s evident I represent my hood with this cricket ball.

Oh and there’s more– tea at Buckingham Palace, a dude who can’t tour with the team because that would constitute a parole violation, trash cans for stumps.

(via Ducking Beamers)