Deep Backward Point at 6 Months

by Devanshu Mehta

The blog completes 6 months this week. Thank you all for reading. Six months is a long time– if the blog were an infant, at six months she would start sitting up, teething and perhaps solid food. She would also demonstrate the beginnings of real-person-like behavior. I think that accurately describes my blog.

The blog is at 121 posts, which is a much faster pace than I had originally anticipated. I also post a lot less articles with a statistical bent than I had originally planned.


First of all, a big thanks to anyone who read anything here. A really big thanks to the large number of people who have sent traffic my way:

The Most Popular Posts:

Here are the most popular posts of the first 6 months:

  1. How Lalit Modi and the BCCI (Almost) Killed Willow TV
  2. Los Angeles Gangs Take Up Cricket
  3. #ShankarFacts: The Secret Life of Adrian Shankar
  4. The 2nd-Most Awesome Thing Ever Said About Javed Miandad
  5. The Day I Was Dhoni
  6. How to Read the Redacted ICC Pakistan Spot-Fixing Report
  7. The History of One Day Cricket: Part I
I am glad that many of the most popular posts are also ones I enjoyed writing the most.

What I Got Right

Here are the posts I am most proud of:

What I Got Wrong

I oversold the Willow story. When barely a dozen people read your blog a day, you don’t take yourself too seriously. My reporting was accurate, but I sensationalized the headline. Never again.

Also, the first half of this is the worst piece I wrote: The Case Against Minnows in the World Cup. Let’s never mention it again.


If it isn’t clear yet, Twitter has turned out to be a huge part of Deep Backward Point– much bigger than I had originally imagined. The conversations, links, re-tweets and rebuttals are the fuel that fire the columns on this site. If you read this blog, and don’t follow me on Twitter, you’re missing part of the story.