In Defense of Cook (and Geeks)

by Devanshu Mehta

I’m a big fan of Cook the Test batsman. I’m not sold yet on Cook the Test captain (though it seems inevitable). I’m ambivalent on Cook the ODI batsman, and I’m not sold on Cook the ODI captain. And let’s, for the purpose of this article, assume T20 does not exist.

But as someone who is described (by myself and others) as a geek, I can’t help but lighten-up when Minal describes him as follows:

Cook is the essential geek you need in your group to research, compile and present the project and fetch the grade so that you and your friends can play pictionary and scrabble into the night and get up early to watch cricket matches.

Yeah, that was never me. But I knew that guy too, and while I’d never let him captain my team, I would make sure no one would bully him around.

(Also, I’d call him a nerd, not a geek.)