The ‘Ridiculous’ World Cup Schedule

by Devanshu Mehta

Kevin Pietersen questions the World Cup schedule:

Pietersen also criticised the format of the six-week long tournament, saying the gaps between matches were too long. “How can the England team play once and then in six days’ time play again, and then in six days’ time play again,” he asked.

That’s what I’ve been wondering. TV revenue for the win! 

I’ve been criticizing the World Cup quite a bit here. Not without reason.

But I want to be constructive. I’ve been thinking about the best plan for a future one-day World Cup, with only two constituents in mind– the viewers and the players. I’ll write about that in a few weeks, but here’s some food for thought.

The World Cup lasts 43 days. There are only 49 matches. There are 19 days in the group stages with only 1 match per day. This is a travesty.