#ShankarFacts: The Return of Adrian Shankar

by Devanshu Mehta

If I invented this bit of news (#ShankarFacts!), nobody would have believed it. That is the power of Adrian Shankar. Take it away, George Dobell:

[Rajasthan] Royals management have made enquiries to players in England to learn more about Shankar’s background. The question they asked was: is Shankar a fantastic, untapped talent who has somehow escaped the notice of all English scouts; or is he just an audacious blagger?

You can probably guess the answer they received.

Well, the answer is that he has neither escaped the notice of English scouts, nor is he just an audacious blagger. No, young Adrian is the pre-eminent audacious blagger. If blaggers were to be renamed, they would be called shankars.

And that’s a #ShankarFact.

More #ShankarFacts, while we’re at it:

  1. Adrian Shankar is #trottsfault.
  2. Every time Adrian Shankar sneezes, a Pakistani bowler bowls a no ball.
  3. While Adrian Shankar is on vacation, at least one active Pakistani must remain retired.
  4. Adrian Shankar does not switch-hit. He plays both-handed every ball.
  5. Adrian Shankar’s helicopter shot involves an actual helicopter.
  6. Adrian Shankar is just what the doctor ordered.

In the comments over on Dobell’s story, a gentleman named Darren Barfoot says the following:

I saw Adrian Shankar in the nets the other year at Aigburth for Lancashire and he was smashing the ball all over. I’m not saying he’s anything amazing, I’m not saying he should have made the claims he did, but there’s something there.

Well said, Mr. Barfoot. OR SHOULD I SAY, MR SHANKAR?! Hmmmm?